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These are a collection of photos which we taken throughout India of ashrams, spirituality, and cultural experiences.

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ashrams in IndiaThis Web site is designed to provide resources, opinion, and personal experiences of ashram living, both in India and throughout the world. We update information regularly and we post opinions and comments from yogis like you! Just visit the Your Reviews page to the left your voice with the global community.


Ashram in India: Community Development

Welcome everyone! Please accept this web site as a humble attempt to share wisdom and knowledge of the yogic tradition and practices. At the Tureya Foundation, we are dedicated to community development and reformation. As a spiritually minded community we can share and cultivate new energy to spread the knowledge of the heart, mind, and spirit with our friends, families, and fellow yogis.

Although our foundation runs and sponsors a yoga retreat, ashram, and institute in India, we hope that you will help us in making this web site objective and welcoming to all people from all spiritual communities. If there is anything you find misleading or confrontational on this web site, please send and email to: and we will attend to your comments with care and consideration. We are excited to be able to share more information about our own ashram and institute in India with the global community, but we are also ambitious to provide equal opportunity and exposure to other ashrams and spiritual communities as well.

So thank you for visiting our web site and we hope that you find our resources informative and useful in your spiritual journeys. We also welcome you to share your ideas with us and other visitors so that together we may spread the wisdom of spirituality!


Yoga Ashram and Spirituality; Our Organization

The Tureya Foundation hosts people from around the world, and is conducting yoga related activities within our Ashram and Institute in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. The India Ashram and Yoga Institute offer courses in Yoga Psychology, Yoga Therapy, and spirituality. We also host meditation and spiritual retreats in Rameswaram, a beach front along the southern tip of India.

We expect people to truly experience the Indian culture when they come to visit our humble community, and we also want to promote the traditional practices of the Indian culture. For this reason we would like to share with you a brief explanation of spirituality in India:

India has a variety of Ashram environments for people to live in; some are located in the mountains like the Himalayas while others are spread across the plains. There are also many located in the heart of the cities which promote a real experience of being surrounded by the people and the culture.

Another major difference between the Ashrams in India is the district and State they are located in. The Northern Indian culture has a much different temperament than the Southern Indian culture; traditionally speaking the differences between the Southern and Northern traditions and beliefs are noticeably distinct and unique.

A Yoga Ashram is typically a place for people to not only learn the art of yoga but also experience the traditions of the yogic science. Some are open to all people from all nations while other ashrams are very small groups of committed spiritual aspirants who have dedicated their lives to Yoga.


Western Yoga Vs. Yoga of India

What distinguishes a "Western Ashram" from an "India Ashram" is a number of things, but the major differences are:

  1. Generally speaking, "Western Ashram" appeal to people from Western backgrounds, while Ashrams in India are catered to people of Indian origins.
  2. At an India Ashram you can find Swamis and Sanyasis who have devoted their entire lives to yoga. This tradition of renunciation starts from a very young age and continues throughout one's entire life.
  3. India Ashrams are, well obviously, in India! For more than 5,000 years yoga has been practiced in India as opposed to the western countries who have only been practicing yoga, in large numbers, for the past 100 years.
  4. To practice yoga in India is quite different from practicing yoga in the United States. Because of the cultural differences, a yogi will notice fundamental differences in the spiritual practices and techniques taught in the "West" as opposed to the "East".

But you do not have to take our word for it. You can explore some of the differences yourself. Once you have found your own inspiration, experience, and opinion of yoga please visit us again and share your view with us so we may post it for others to learn and draw wisdom from. If you have already made your journeys and would like to spread your voice to others, please visit our "Opinions and Experience" page and we will take care of the rest!




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